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Uptown Window Cleaning: A Residential Window Cleaning Company You Can Trust

When you’re working with a high-quality window cleaning company to ensure that your home’s windows are clear and beautiful, you enjoy all kinds of benefits! Whether you’re simply interested in cleaning your windows so they’re less dirty, or if you’re preparing for a big event, the benefits of clean residential windows are clear:

  • Improve curb appeal
  • Improve the longevity of your windows
  • Prevent any mold or algae growth
  • Keep your windows structurally sound
  • Ensure there are no holes in the screens
  • Help to decrease allergens
  • Help to reduce pests
  • Provide an unobstructed view
  • Can improve your mental health
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Finding the Right Window Cleaning Company

When your home needs window cleaning services, you don’t necessarily want to work with just any company. Finding a company that fits your needs with a great price, experienced technicians, and high-quality customer service is key to ensuring that you get great service.

At Uptown Window Cleaning, our goal is to provide every customer with great service with our highly-trained and experienced technicians who ensure the job is done right at a competitive price. 

Wonder What Your Windows Could Look Like After a Good Cleaning?

before uptown has cleaned your windows
Before We Cleaned the Window
After Uptown has cleaned your windows
After We Cleaned the Window
before uptown has cleaned your windows
Before We Cleaned the Windows
after uptown has cleaned your windows
After We Cleaned the Windows

Did You Know?

All of the photos on this website are of our own work, equipment, and employees.
That’s right! We’re proud to say that no stock or fake photography is used on our website.

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Questions you should be asking window cleaning companies

Will Your Team Open Each Window And Clean The Sills And Tracks?

Be sure to ask the window cleaning company if they clean the sills and tracks of each window and not just the glass. Most window cleaning companies never open the windows, but our team does! We make sure to clean every part of your windows to ensure a great experience.

Does Your Service Include Scrubbing Window Screens?

Does the window cleaning company scrub your window screens or do they just wipe them down? It makes no sense to have clean glass and dirty screens! Uptown Window Cleaning will clean your screens to ensure a beautifully clear view after each cleaning!

Does The Window Cleaning Team Look And Act Professional?

Do the window company employees look professional and are they in company uniforms? If they’re not willing to invest in looking professional, then they’re in this for the short term and not necessarily professionals. Our team always works to look professional and ensure a great customer experience when they represent our company!

Does The Window Cleaning Company Have References?

Ask for plenty of references from the window cleaning company along with phone numbers. A reputable window cleaning company should be glad to provide them to you, and Uptown Window Cleaning is very glad to do so!

Does The Team Use Poles Or Ladders?

You can’t wash a window (in most cases) from a distance just by using a pole. We own five sizes of ladders including a 60-foot, water-fed pole, so we’ll be able to access every single window in your home during your residential cleaning service!

Can You Trust The Employees To Enter Your Home?

Uptown Window Cleaning professional window cleaners are permanent employees who have been through a full background check and are subject to random drug testing. We would never allow someone to enter your home if we would not be comfortable with them servicing our own home. We do everything possible to ensure your security and confidence in our employees, so feel free to contact us with any questions!

What people are saying about us…

“I highly recommend Uptown Window Cleaning. Our house looks awesome after they washed it and cleaned all of our concrete and stone around the pool. It was perfect for our party. Jason and his worker are friendly and responsible.”

Lawrence G. – Dallas
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