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Gutter Guard Installation Services in Dallas, TX

Let uptown Help protect your property with our expert gutter guard installation!

Gutters serve two main purposes. They keep water from collecting on the roof and drain water away from the foundation. By removing access water from the structure, gutters help to prevent moisture damage to your home or place of business. Not having a properly maintained gutter system can lead to expensive repairs. If you are in need of gutter guards or repairs to exiting gutter guards, Uptown Window Cleaning is the team for you. We service:

  • Residential homes
  • Low to Mid-Rise buildings

So give us a call today and let us know how we can help you. We also offer Gutter Cleaning Services!

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“We pride ourselves on offering premium window cleaning and pressure washing in the Dallas-Fort Worth region and we operate on a ‘No job is too big or too small.‘ mindset.”

Jason Thomley,
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Questions to Ask A gutter guard installation company

What type of gutter guards do they install?

Most homes are equipped with 5 inch gutters. In some cases that’s good enough, but having 6 inch gutters will greatly improve the performance of the gutters. 6 inch gutters are better because they handle 40% more water volume than 5 inch gutters.

Having the correct gutter guards to match your gutter’s size in very important. If the gutter contractor only sells 5 inch gutter guards, they have no incentive to offer you the better solution. Be sure to find out all of your options before you hire the gutter guard installation company.

Does the installer use a level during the installation process?

Installing gutters with a level is the only way to know that the gutters have a level pitch. A gutter with bad pitch will have problems from the water pooling inside the gutters, leading to overflow. It only takes a few seconds to level gutters but many installers perform what is known as a “water test” to make sure the water flows in the right direction. In some cases, they will come back and “fix” the job if a customer complains. Make sure your gutter installation company levels your gutters.

Is the gutter guard company bonded & insured?

Hiring a gutter installation company that does not have proper insurance could mean you are liable for any injuries a worker incurs on your property. Therefore, make sure, the company you are hiring shows proof of their insurance coverage.

A performance bond means, in the event of a default by the gutter installation company, the value of the work will not be lost and there is money for the work to be completed as contracted.

For example, if homeowner pays a 50% deposit on a gutter installation job and the contractor does not finish the work, the insurance company would cover the amount of the deposit or would guarantee the work would be completed.

How closely are the gutter hangers spaced out?

Hangers are the brackets that hold gutters together. They can be expensive and there’s no set rule that says how close together hangers should be spaced during a gutter installation.

The less hangers used equals less stable gutters and, therefore, it’s less likely the gutters will stand up to the elements such as water, snow, ice, wet leaves and other heavy debris.

Don’t hire an installer who spaces hangers more than 24 inches apart. Be sure to find out how they space their hangers.

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“These guys were great! Communicated immediately and were on time the day of the appointment. I have difficult windows and they took great care in cleaning them! Will definitely use them again!”

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The Uptown team is your go-to for a Dallas – Fort Worth’s best gutter guard installation company, serving both residential and commercial properties. Equipped with the tools and materials that are up to the job, we ensure that every property we work on has gutters that are left able to defend themselves against unwanted debris, guaranteeing smooth rainwater flow.

With our gutter guard solutions, you can bid farewell to frequent cleaning and clogging issues, ensuring your gutters remain efficient and maintenance-free for years to come.

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